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Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >> reporter: with so much disagreement, county supervisor john foust created a task force to find out what the community really wants. >> we're not going to rush into doing something that we regret. >> reporter: that task force, including duval and stillman, will make a recommendation to the park authority next year, which has final say over what happens. but any development could be years away. >> perhaps if it we're not going to put fields there, the price ought to be renoeshted. >> reporter: a historic $16 million piece of land skill with an uncertain future. what do you think this place will look like in five years? >> i suspect it's going to look a lot like it does now. >> the park authority says historical and wetland surveys still need to be completed and they could limit the number of fields at sa loan na. duval says if the community ends up wanting the fields there in the end, he will accept it. he says so far his family has received about $6 million of the $16 million for the easement. >>> it's cold out there tonight. >> cold out there but about six degrees warmer than last night
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
agreed to coach the nationals next year. he agreed to a one-year deal. march stur john and the terps opening up the college basketball season gensz the kentucky wildcats. pick it up, second half. alex finds the duck, 23 for len, terps up one. kentucky comes right back with the bucket and charles mitchell back. kentucky makes a push and comes up big with the rebound and the put back. wildcats take the one-point lead. how ard trying to make something happen. can you believe how close it was? 72-69, maryland loses a heartbreaker. let's set sail for jacksonville. on board the u.s.s. baton. that's right. they trailed two, 9-7. published reports says the game will not count and will not be made up. can you believe that's how it ends? party at the patriots center. george mason picking up uva. johnny williams from the ring. and you can count it. 11 on the night, ties the game at 50. just over a minute left, score still tied. buy y byron allen is feeling it, holds on for the upset, 63-59 over virginia. to the verizon center. the wizards looking for their first win against the bucs. milwaukee'
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
miami mar lirks ns. the marlins have reportedly agreed to send jose raus, mark burley and john buck to toronto. yeah, that's a big trade. meanwhile, in the nba, the wizards down in charlotte looking for their first win of the season and they layed an egg. this might have been the most painful part for everybody. a contortionist who can evidently deal with all kinds of pain. we need a replay. watch this. no, look, how do you do that? i have no idea how he handles that pain. hopefully, we'll be able to show that to you again tomorrow. >> must have been a special wardrobe thing. >> you know what? i didn't even think about that fact. this was not a good game for the wizards. mar ter martel webster knocks one down. the guards shot 6 for 37 in this game. too much bob cats. wizards fall 92-76. they drop to 0 and 6 on the year. and this was a loss that left head coach andy whitman searching for answers. we just, you know, we play with no concept of rhyme or reason, understanding what's going on. the concept of the game. >>> that display, offensively, in terms of trying to do everything on your
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
-mail from broadwell to petraeus' successor, general john allen triggered the investigation. general allen apparently forwarding to kelley last may what he thought was a joke e-mail from an account called kelley patrol. sources close to kelley say it warned the general to stay away from her, that she would ruin him. kelley then went to the fbi. thousands of e-mails between general allen and the married socially a son kelley are said to be under scrutiny with enough inappropriate language to warrant an inspector general investigation. after ordering that probe just days ago, leon panetta cautioned against a rush to judgment today. >> no one should leap to conclusions. he has my continued cough dennf to lead our forces. >> general allen intends to fully cooperate with the investigation and shares in the desire to resolve any questions as completely and quickly as possible. also new tonight, the fbi agent jill kelley first brought the e-mails to identified and confirmed as veteran agent frederick humphries, ii. humphries took his concerns about the pace of the investigation eventually t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4